Labor Law, Litigation & Special Projects

(Elizer A. Odulio)

Labor Law

Labor law is a sensitive area for businesses in the Philippines. Workers are generally well protected under the Labor Code. The firm handles all aspects of employer-employee relations from illegal dismissal disputes to unfair labor practices and other labor related claims. It is also active in handling industrial disputes including CBA negotiations, preventive mediation and conciliations. It also has extensive labor practice involving disputes between seafarers and shipowners whether they are P & I Covered or not.


The litigation department handles complex corporate, property, civil, criminal, shipping, aviation, banking, mining, media, immigration and intellectual property related cases. Lawyers of the firm have argued before all levels of the judiciary. They are committed to render efficient and effective solutions to litigated matters. They exert extra efforts to understand the business involved to become effective.

Special Projects

The firm’s special projects are performed in various fields, like shipping, aviation, banking, mining, media, immigration, corporate, tax and intellectual property as well as in labor.

Legal expertise is always available to handle this field. The firm always provides prompt and effective solutions to special projects.